Last night saw the premiere of ABC’s Forever. We have added x55 screencaps of Mackenzies appearance in the Pilot episode to the gallery … (we will update with HD as soon as possible!)

Some review quotes for Forever,

“Forever” is a fresh and quirky take on the many crime dramas currently on TV. Viewers can’t help but compare Gruffudd’s character to Sherlock Holmes as he remembers minuscule details from years ago and uses his keen sense of observation to put together clues. Intertwined is a tragic love story of Henry’s one love, Abigail (Mackenzie Mauzy), and touching tale of his connection to Abe (Judd Hirsch) – a man who Henry and Abigal had rescued as a baby from a concentration camp.

The show does have a spark when Henry and a detective named Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) interact. Both have lost loves in their past, and Jo senses there’s something different about Henry; her efforts to figure out what it is promise to provide some intrigue. And giving Henry a sidekick, Abe, who knows his secret is a nice touch. The actual crimes in the first two episodes, though, feel like the same old same old, immortal medical examiner or not.

Forever isn’t the most exciting new series of the fall (that title probably belongs to The CW’s The Flash) but Gruffudd is incredibly charming in the lead role, and Judd Hirsch’s Abe—a kind of sidekick-y pal of Henry’s who knows the truth about his condition—adds just the right amount of gravitas and sincerity to the premise. Joel David Moore, who works with Henry at the ME’s office, aptly fills the quirky “not in on the secret but will totally learn it soon” role, while De La Garza is sexy and confident as Jo. There’s nothing about Forever that makes it stand out—it’s fairly vanilla—but I think that’s why it works. The series isn’t trying to be anything other than what it is, and maybe that’s all it needs to do. After all, vanilla is still a very enjoyable flavor.

The mysteries he and Martinez tackle are rather pro forma, but that’s not what tends to keep shows like Castle and Bones on the air season after season. It’s more about enjoying being in the company of these charismatic characters, and there’s strong chemistry between the debonair Gruffudd and the earthy De La Garza. Add the immortality angle, and a nice sinister twist suggesting Morgan may not be the only one of his kind, and you’ve got the makings of a show that could conceivably make it to 200 episodes, if not 200 years.

ABC’s “Forever” will premiere at its normal time slot on ABC on Tuesday, Sept. 23, at 10 p.m. EDT.