MacKenzie Mauzy, Billy Magnussen and Lilla Crawford stopped by Facebook to have a chat with the fans about the upcoming Into the Woods movie, here are some of MacKenzies answers. Check out more and follow INTO THE WOODS on Facebook here.

This is for all of you guys: What was your reaction when you got your characters?
I just said “WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.” I couldn’t really process it. It was a Saturday morning. I believed it but didn’t believe it. I kept saying “I’ll believe it when I’m there in London”. It was surreal.

Who is the jokester out of the three of you?
Billy! (laughing). No contest! He’s got a lot of energy, especially at 5:00am. He’s great at waking people up in the morning.

How does it feel to be forever immortalized as these characters?
Surreal but incredible. It’s not something I ever envisioned for myself. It’s a responsibility and an honor.

What is your favorite lesson in Into the Woods? Why?
My favorite line is wishes comes true, not free. Its not saying “don’t wish, don’t dream” – people get caught up in the dream without realizing what those consequences could be or the reality of getting what you want. It may not be what you expected.

How was it working with Meryl Streep and was it intimidating?
It was intimidating initially because its someone who I grew up loving. She instantly does everything to make you feel comfortable. There was never any awkwardness because she’s so good about that. I was intimidated to work with her but I got the nerves out of the way quickly and it just became my life for that four months.

What is your favorite song in the musical?
They’re all so beautiful but my favorite is probably “Last Midnight”. Especially with Meryl singing it.

Since you all have a background in theatre and now film, which one do you find most challenging?
I think they’re both challenging. Theater is live and you’re dealing with those consequences. Film has its own challenges in that its so intimate. You have to pretend no one is there watching you. They’re so different I think they both have their challenges in each medium.

Without revealing too much, what was the most fun to film?
The “Stay With Me” day. It was a day where we filmed almost all the scenes inside the tower in Meryl.

What’s your favorite musical?
Les Misérables and Ragtime were the first two musicals I saw on Broadway but if I had to choose just one it would be Les Misérables.